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Смартфон Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100

Смартфон Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100
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2 835 грн.

Смартфон Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100
2 835 грн.
В наличииСмартфон Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100
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+380 показать номер
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Galaxy S II (GT-I9100) крупнее и тоньше своего предшественника, обладает увеличенным дисплеем, более мощной аппаратной начинкой и расширенным функционалом. Размер дисплея увеличен с 4 дюймов до 4,3 дюйма, процессор стал двухъядерным, объем ОЗУ вырос в 2 раза до 1 ГБ, толщина уменьшилась примерно на 1,5 мм и составляет 8,5 мм. Смартфон оснащен дисплеем, изготовленным по технологии Super AMOLED+. Galaxy S II оснащен последней версией ОС Android 2.3, поддерживает Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, в том числе технологию Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 3.0+HS, HSPA+ со скоростью передачи данных до 21 Мбит/с и технологию NFC. 4.3" SUPER AMOLED Plus See it all clearly and vividly – wherever you are. The Galaxy Note II’s 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED screen delivers outstanding clarity and a 16:9 screen ratio, so you can enjoy immersive entertainment and all other viewing experiences. Thanks to its innovative design, the Galaxy Note II provides a bigger screen yet its slim body still fits your hand perfectly. Dual Core Application Processor Making the impossible possible. The 1.2GHz Dual Core Application Processor is the ultra responsive answer to mobile performance, providing high-speed multitasking, quick web page loading, quick reaction speeds, a smoother UI, lightning fast image editing and high performance gaming. And with its fast encoding/decoding ability, which supports all video playing and shooting, it delivers outstanding computing power and performance. Slimmer Design Sometimes you need to note down details without delay. Simply click the S Pen and double-tap the screen, and the Galaxy Note II’s Popup Note feature lets you sketch a map or take down directions, phone numbers and other information conveniently while you’re in the middle of a call. There’s no need to run and grab a pen and paper when you’ve got the S Pen and Popup Note. The split screen functionality allows you to multitask with two applications open simultaneously. Live Panel Content is King. Drop the apps and get direct access to your content through Samsung’s new personalised UX, a magazine style layout that selects contents that you use the most, your gallery, music, videos, SNS, emails, notes, games and weather, then displays them on your main screen. This live content ecosystem can be customised to your taste and provides easy access to your contents. Don’t search for content, live it! Readers Hub Leave the bookshelf at home and carry your Samsung GALAXY S II in your hand. Readers Hub is a great place to flip through your library of classics & best sellers or browse through more than two million books to choose from. On top of that, you will have access to more than 2500 magazines in 20 languages and 2000 of newspapers in 47 languages at your fingertips. Crisp, sharp text makes reading a pleasure and your experience will be easier to manage with magnification, text only and page views (for magazine and newspapers), audio access (for newspapers), one touch sharing via email (for magazines), and more features. Believe in books, but look beyond paper. Say N Go : Samsung Voice Solution Get vocal. Just double tap the home key and you can control the Samsung GALAXY S II with a few selected words. Take charge and execute major functions like calling, music, messaging, scheduling and launching apps with the ease of a voice command. You can also capture your thoughts, make a note to yourself and send it to your friends by simply saying send! Game Hub Join in on the action. The Samsung GALAXY S II’s Game Hub lets you to download high quality games, providing over 20 social network games and premium games. Search for games and new release information or play away. With an accelerometer, and gyroscope sensors dynamic hand and arm movement games stand out from the crowd. The slightest tilt and you’re dead – now that’s entertainment.
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